SAE660 Bronze

SAE 660 has become one of the most widely used alloys in the leaded bronze range in the last few years. This is mainly due to its versatility as a medium range bronze with many applications.

The cost effectiveness of SAE660, when used in applications where sand-cast tin bronzes were widely used, is well known.

SAE 660 has many uses such as:


·     Bearings for lifting tackle.

·     Secondary bearings in machine tools

·     Valve and slide seating rings

·     Bearings in package machinery

·     Guide bushes etc…

·     General bearings in mechanical engineering and chemical equipment.


SAE 660 is one of the continuously cast semi finished products which provides the following benefits…


·       Completely sound castings, free from pores, shrinkage, cavities, blowholes and segregation. (Hence a very low scrap yield.)

·       Smooth clean surfaces and close dimensional tolerances. (Hence very little machining and therefore negligible material loss and low production costs.)

·       Good machinability and no hard casting skin. (Therefore a longer tool life).


SAE 660 is mainly available in rods and hollows…


Round Bar from ½”-12”        Hollows from 1”OD-16”OD


Chemical & Physical Properties


Typical chemical composition


Cu 83%  Sn 7%  Zn 3%  Pb 7%


Typical mechanical properties



Up to and including 4” + 1/32” – 0

Above 12” + 1/16” – 0

Above 12” + 3mm – 0


Up to and including 4” – 1/32” ID + 0

Above 12” – 1/16” ID + 0

Above 12” – 3mm ID + 0

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